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Does GPS Tracker Require Internet to work?

The primary illustration would be our phone, which we use for directions. Many of us are unaware of how GPS operates, despite the fact that we are all very familiar with the word. Misconceptions regarding GPS and GPS tracking abound. We attempt to define GPS and GPS trackers in this post. We'll also talk about whether GPS needs the internet to function.

What is GPS?

The Global Positioning System, or GPS, is a satellite constellation. By using GPS receivers, these satellites assist in geo-localizing any object on Earth. Since GPS is a free service, anyone can use a receiver to capture satellite signals and locate themselves on a map. The three segments of GPS are space, control, and user portions, according to the official government website.

The 24 satellites in the constellation that make up the space segment send and receive one-way GPS data. The user section uses GPS receivers to gather signals from the satellites and determines the user's position, while the control segment keeps an eye on these satellites.

Does GPS require the internet to work?

Not at all. There is no need for internet connectivity in order to use GPS. GPS is reliant on satellite signals. Anybody with a GPS receiver can use these signals. You can verify this by using Google Maps and disconnecting your phone from the internet.

Can a GPS Tracker device work without the Internet?

Prior to responding, it is important to comprehend how GPS tracking gadgets are used. GPS trackers are tiny tracking devices that can be used for real-time tracking on moving vehicles. An application for tracking is also included with this tracker gadget. In this scenario, the user may be at home while the car is moving at a specific speed. 

In this case, the user's mobile device needs to get the vehicle's location data.  As a result, a GPS tracker needs an internet connection to function. Think about GPS on a cell phone and GPS on a GPS tracker device to have a better understanding of this. When it comes to a cell phone, the GPS receiver is pre-installed on the device, so the user can obtain location data directly from it.

Similar to this, while using a GPS tracker, the user needs to connect to the device while driving. Consequently, the GPS tracker and the user's desktop or mobile device need to be online for this purpose. 


  1. My phone can access GPS without internet so why can’t the GPS Tracker device would also be able to perform without internet?

Ans: As previously mentioned in this article, accessing the position is totally free whether using a phone or a GPS gadget. For the GPS tracker to communicate the distant vehicle's location data to a user device that is far from the source, it needs an internet connection.

  1. Does the car or the vehicle should have an active internet connection or hotspot for the GPS tracker to send data to the phone?

Ans: A pre-installed M2M sim card that can switch to the top-performing network in any given location is included with the GPS tracker that PAJ GPS offers. As a result, the tracking gadget will always have the fastest internet access. It doesn't need outside assistance.

  1. Does the application for GPS tracking always run to receive alerts and store data?                                                                                                                                                                             

Ans: The tracking application from LK-GPS will always store the location data on a cloud server. Therefore, you do not need to keep your mobile/desktop application running all the time.


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