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LK109 Personal GPS Tracker, with functions such as positioning, SOS alarm, fall alarm, Geo-fence,call, etc.
Used for people in need of care such as the elderly and children.

Personal Tracker Mini LK109 GPS Tracking Device Waterproof GPS for Kids/Elders Pet SOS lifetime

Product Feature :

1. Standby/Day: 10
2. Weight: 55g 
3. Network: GSM&GPRS
4. Band: 850/900/1800/1900Mhz 
5. GPS chip: Ublox7
6. GPS sensitivity: -159dBm 
7. GPS accuracy: 5m 
8. Time To First Fix: 
    - Cold status 35-80s 
    - Warm status 35s 
    - Hot status 1s 
9.  Voltage input: 9-120V input
10. Battery: Built-in 3.7V  1000Li-ion battery 
11. Storage Temperature: -40°C to +85°C 
12. Operation Temperature: -20°C to +55°C 
13. Humidity: 5%-95% non-condensing

Highlight of product:

1. Small size, built-in GPS;

2. Person, pet tracking, Portable and waterproof  PIX-6; 3. Support Phone Android and Apple APP tracking;

3. Read the position information and the remaining power battery by B / S and APP phone ;

4. Support SMS parameter settings and query functions;

5. Shock wake up mode;

Applications :

1. Track Private cars/Vehicle rental / Equipment outside etc;

2. Protect child / the elderly/ the disabled / pet /property etc;

3. Provide peace-of-mind for businessmen;

4. Manage field staff,

5. Track criminal secretly;




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