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4G Mini GPS Tracker Waterproof Long Standby LK106 Sim Card SOS Personal Mini GPS Tracker Locator


Uncompromising Safety and Connectivity on the Go

Introducing LK106-4G Personal GPS Tracker, a cutting-edge device that combines advanced tracking capabilities with an exceptional battery life, ensuring you or your loved ones remain connected and secure wherever life takes you. With its sleek design and robust features, this tracker is the ultimate companion for peace of mind and safety.

Precise Real-Time Tracking

Powered by 4G connectivity and GPS technology, LK106 tracker delivers accurate real-time location updates, allowing you to monitor movements with pinpoint precision. Whether you're an adventurer exploring the great outdoors or a concerned parent keeping tabs on your family, you'll always know the whereabouts of the tracker.

Unparalleled 7-Day Battery Life

Designed for extended use, LK106 boasts an impressive 7-day battery life, ensuring uninterrupted tracking and connectivity even during prolonged outdoor activities or travel. Never worry about losing track due to a drained battery, as this tracker keeps you covered for an entire week on a single charge.

Discreet and Wearable Design

With its compact and lightweight form factor, LK106 tracker can be easily concealed in a pocket, bag, or attached to clothing or accessories, making it a discreet and comfortable companion for everyday wear. Its sleek appearance blends seamlessly into any environment, ensuring maximum discretion and convenience.

Emergency SOS Function

In times of distress or emergency situations, LK106 tracker features a dedicated SOS button that can instantly alert pre-set contacts or emergency services with your current location. Provide an additional layer of security for yourself or your loved ones, ensuring prompt assistance when it's needed most.

Customizable Alerts and Geofencing

Stay informed and in control with customizable alerts and geofencing capabilities. Set up virtual boundaries, and receive instant notifications when the tracker enters or leaves designated areas. Configure movement alerts, low battery warnings, and more, tailoring the device to your specific needs and preferences.Experience uncompromising safety and connectivity with LK106-4G Personal GPS Tracker. With its exceptional battery life, precise tracking, and emergency features, you can embark on your adventures or go about your daily routine with the confidence that you or your loved ones are always within reach.

Highlight of product:

1. Small size ,built-in GPS and GSM ANT;
2. Person,pet tracking ,Portable and waterproof PIX-6;

3. Support Phone Android and Apple APP tracking;
4. Read the position information and the remaining power battery by B / S and APP phone ;
5. Support SMS parameter settings and query functions;
6. Shock wake-up mode, low-power mode;
7. Easy to install, Waterproof.

Applications :

1. Protect child / the elderly/ the disabled / pet /property etc;
2. Provide peace-of-mind for businessmen;
3. Manage field staff, 




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